Improved Adaptive Incremental Error-Minimization-Based Extreme Learning Machine with Localized Generalization Error Model

  • Wen-wen HanEmail author
  • Peng Zheng
  • Zhong-Qiu Zhao
  • Wei-dong Tian
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10956)


Extreme learning machine (ELM) is a new type of learning algorithms for single-hidden layer feed-forward neural networks (SLFNs). The AIE-ELM aims to adaptively choose the number of hidden layer nodes for different data sets. It is an incremental extreme learning machine which achieves adaptive growth of hidden nodes and can incrementally update output weights by minimizing the training error. In order to enhance the generalization ability of AIE-ELM algorithm, this paper extends the AIE-ELM by introducing the localized generalization error model (referred to as AIEL-ELM), which takes the output sensitivity with input perturbations into account. Experimental results on several benchmark data sets verify that our proposed method can obtain the optimal number of hidden layer nodes and achieve a significant improvement of classification/regression performance and generalization ability compared with previous works.


Extreme learning machine Error-minimization Local generalization error Hidden layer nodes 


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  • Peng Zheng
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  • Zhong-Qiu Zhao
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  • Wei-dong Tian
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