Brain-Tumor Related Epilepsy

  • Efthimios Dardiotis
  • Maria Sokratous
  • Katerina Markou
  • Georgios M. Hadjigeorgiou


Brain tumor related epilepsies (BTREs) account for about 12% of all acquired epilepsies and are a common symptom of brain tumors. The clinical signs and symptoms vary and are mainly focal in onset or secondarily generalized. Their features are indicative of their origin in the region of the brain. BTREs are difficult to manage because they usually are drug-resistant. The patients’ characteristics should be carefully evaluated in selecting the appropriate antiepileptic drug (AED) and the therapeutic scheme.


Partial seizures Generalized seizures Temporal lobe epilepsy Automatisms Glioma Antiepileptic drug Electroencephalogram 


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  • Maria Sokratous
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  • Katerina Markou
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  • Georgios M. Hadjigeorgiou
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