Coping with the Dark Web, Cyber-Criminals and Techno-Terrorists in a Smart City

  • Joseph N. Pelton
  • Indu B. Singh


The focus of this chapter is on efforts to curtail the activities of cyber-criminals and the latest strategies as to how this might be accomplished. This includes addressing efforts to identify, catch and prosecute cyber-criminals, methods to identify them, and the tools available to them via such mechanisms as the dark web. We also explore the latest protective strategies that can be used to secure vital sites against cyber-attacks. The world of the Internet and the continuing global spread of cyber-services and new capabilities such as the Internet of Things, the cloud, and industrial control systems such as SCADA networks has expanded the scope of cyber-crime and redefined the scope of security systems in the smart city.

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  • Joseph N. Pelton
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  • Indu B. Singh
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  2. 2.Planet Defense, LLCFairfaxUSA

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