Challenges and Opportunities in the Evolution of the Internet of Everything

  • Joseph N. Pelton
  • Indu B. Singh


The most significant current trend in the rapidly changing global digital ecosphere is the rapid spread of the Internet of Things (IoT). Indeed, the next iteration in the evolution of the IoTs will be what some are calling the Internet of Everything (IoE). In this new world that includes RFID and digital interface connections with all manufactured and merchandised objects, the world and especially the smart city will increasingly be awash in data that allows instantaneous digital updates on everything. Over time this omnipresence of the Internet and smart-enabled units will expand worldwide. In the world of the smart city virtually every manufactured object will encompass the entire planet and even populate outer space outposts. Wherever there is human activity, electronic networks, or operational satellites the IoE will be there, too.

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  • Joseph N. Pelton
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  • Indu B. Singh
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  2. 2.Planet Defense, LLCFairfaxUSA

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