Wanderlust and the Gendering of Mobility

  • Gregory Blair


This chapter draws a link between Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust, which describes an indelible bond between walking, mobility, and political action, and the critique of the gendering of mobility through spatial transgression. Both Amelia Earhart’s insurgency into the male-dominated world of early aviation, and Joni Mitchell’s ruminations about domesticity and the refuge of the road are explicated as forms of errancy that challenged accepted notions of a woman’s “proper” place. In each case, remaining out-of-place served as the basis of their spatial transgression. This chapter also includes an analysis of how the moving individual body can serve as a substitute for the body politic, and in doing so, disrupt the body politic writ large.


Wanderlust Aviation Gendering of mobility Body politic Transgression 

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