Data Management and Visualization Using Big Data Analytics

  • Muhammad Adeel Mannan
  • Saboohi Mehmood
  • Muhammad Shafiq
  • Aqeel-ur-RehmanEmail author


Today, the world is getting smarter with the use of computing and mathematical methodologies. Many of the domains are now based on intelligent analysis and their interpretation as per the requirement automatically. For that purpose, many of the methodologies are in practice that includes the field of data sciences. Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference and algorithm design in order to solve complex problems analytically. The demand and importance of an analytic has increased rapidly over past few years, as in general manner an individual who have critical thinking in quantitative aspect. ‘Science of Analysis’ is technically known as analytics; in other words, it is the analysis of information to state in time and valuable decisions. Any organization that has policies or intends to spread and enhance their business by means of data driven, data science is the only secret ingredient. Projects based on data sciences can redeem more returns and benefits from development of data-based product as well as from providing guidance using data. This chapter discusses the main concept of data management by using the big data analytics. It also discusses the methodologies used to manage the big data in different industries.


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  • Saboohi Mehmood
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  • Muhammad Shafiq
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  • Aqeel-ur-Rehman
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