On Bending of Rod Under Strong Longitudinal Compression

  • A. A. ErshovEmail author
  • A. A. Ershova
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


In this paper, we consider typical processes of rod bending under strong longitudinal compression. The corresponding dynamic equation of bending is considered as a perturbation of the two-dimensional Laplace equation. It is established that, for these processes, expanding of domains of rapid increase of bending begins in small neighborhoods of singularity points of solutions of the limiting Laplace equation. The initial stages of these increases are described using the Hardy integral. Several typical examples of the development of buckling of a rod under the action of strong compression are simulated in the work.


Asymptotics Laplace equation Singularities Rod Bending Compression Hardy integral 



For the information, we found very useful when writing this article and we express our gratitude to B. I. Suleimanov, N. F. Valeev, A. R. Danilin, M. A. Il’gamov, and I. V. Mel’nikova. This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 18-31-00018-mol_a.


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  1. 1.N.N. Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and MechanicsYekaterinburgRussia
  2. 2.South Ural State UniversityChelyabinskRussia

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