Reducing the Level of Vibration in Two-Stream Spur Gear

  • V. A. KryukovEmail author
  • A. V. Plyasov
Conference paper
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Dynamic processes in spur gears with a split stage consisting of two identical parallel gear pairs are studied. Multistream transmission in addition to a distribution of transmitted energy in several paths provides a great scope for control over these streams and, consequently, the use of a multistream transmission offers an alternative to other familiar methods to reduce the level of vibrations. The dynamic lumped-parameter gear model incorporates the effects of a time-varying mesh stiffness due to the variation in the number of teeth pairs being simultaneously in meshing. The model is formulated to analyze the spur gear parametric vibration under a regime of steady-state motion. Numerical studies were employed to examine the effects of the phase shift between parallel gear pairs on the vibration in the system. The comparisons between the results from multistream in-phase and out-of-phase transmissions revealed differences in the gear responses, especially in the zone close to the zone of parametric resonance. It can be used for detuning from parametric resonance.


Multistream transmission Dynamics Spur gear Parametric vibration Out-of-phase movement 


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