Development of Advanced Technologies for Secondary Use of Thermal Energy

  • D. BylinkinEmail author
  • A. Zaplatyn
  • R. Karymov
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This article is devoted to the improvement of technological processes at the objects of the oil and gas complex. One of the main methods considered in this paper is the use of HC air coolers. The use of this auxiliary equipment allows one to remove the increased thermal stresses from the main technological units, as well as to increase the overall production capacity. At the same time, the conducted studies are devoted to the use of modernized analogs for HC air coolers. The essence of modernization consists in the use of vertical arrangement of heat exchangers with sections of bending small radius coils. In addition, the layout is implemented in a modular way, which provides increased operational efficiency of this heat exchange solution. In addition, this technical solution makes it possible to reduce the unit costs for heat exchangers servicing, in view of their smaller metal capacity, greater reliability, and ease of use. As a result, the reliability and cost-effectiveness of individual technological operations are increased (in particular for technological operations, in which equipment is used under high pressure and a temperature background).


Air cooler Antifreeze Heat exchanger Coil 


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  2. 2.OOO “Anod-Ural”UfaRussia

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