Diagnostics and Forecasting of Defects in Rotation Details

  • L. G. EgorovaEmail author
  • K. N. Vdovin
  • O. S. Logunova
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


In the given paper, ultrasonic installation which allows to carry out automatic diagnostics of quality of details of rotation by a method of ultrasonic scanning is offered and described. The machine makes it possible to automatically control the quality of work rolls, to identify the rolls liable to spalling and delamination of the hardened layer using the ultrasonic scanning method. The application of the proposed machine makes it possible to detect the defects in a mill roll at all production stages. The paper offers a description of the software product, which controls the ultrasonic card, and using an ultrasonic sensor automatically generates and receives ultrasonic signals. The obtained results confirm the guaranteed defect detection in the near-surface layer of the mill roll. The application of the proposed machine makes it possible to detect the defects in a mill roll at all production stages.


Rolling rolls Ultrasonic control Defects Ultrasonic method Surface scanning 


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  • L. G. Egorova
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  • K. N. Vdovin
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  • O. S. Logunova
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