From Political Projects to Hegemony Projects in the Crisis

  • Daniela Caterina
Part of the Contributions to Political Science book series (CPS)


Chapter  9 continues the actor-process analysis by shifting the focus from the constellation of political projects featuring the conflict over the 2012 labour market reform to the constellation of more overarching hegemony projects in which these conflict-related strategies should be located. Following the pattern developed in Chap.  8, also this second step of the actor-process analysis is structured into three main blocks encompassing: first, the reconstruction of the government’s strategy of crisis management advanced by the Prime Minister Monti; second, the critical questioning of this strategy through the progressive introduction of all other positions observed in the corpus; and, third, the aggregation of this variety of strategies into a constellation of—competing or reciprocally strengthening—hegemony projects that are finally subjected to an in-depth scrutiny.


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