Sensing and Monitoring

  • Hassan Karimi-MalehEmail author
  • Aliasghar Beheshti
  • Fatemeh Karimi
  • Mehdi Shabani-Nooshabadi
  • Mohammad Reza Ganjali
  • Morteza Rezapour
Part of the Carbon Nanostructures book series (CARBON)


This chapter discusses sensing and monitoring water pollutants using carbon nanotube (CNT)-based electrochemical methods. The classes of the electrochemical methods reported for monitoring water pollutants have been described in detail, and the role of CNTs in analytical sensors has been discussed. CNTs are commonly used for modifying electrochemical sensors for water pollutants due to their high surface area and good electrical conductivity.



This work was supported by the Quchan University of Advanced Technology, Quchan, Islamic Republic of Iran.

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