The Text in Context: The Protocols and the Varieties of Antisemitism

  • Stephen Eric Bronner


The Protocols of the Elders of Zion rests on rumors. And that is also the case for hatred of the Jews: they killed Christ, poisoned wells and springs, profaned the Host, worshiped the pig, consorted with witches and devils, raped Christian girls, knowingly spread the plague and other diseases, replenished their blood (lost in menstruation by both men and women) with that of Christian children, and conspired sometimes with lepers, other times with freemasons, still other times with … The “wandering Jew” has no homeland: Like Cain, he is always the foreigner, always alien, always the Other. The rumors follow him wherever he goes. They are outlandish and they resist common sense. But they are resilient: where there is smoke there is fire.

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