The Law on Adoption in Vanuatu

  • Jennifer CorrinEmail author
  • Sue Farran
Part of the The World of Small States book series (WSS, volume 5)


Like most of its neighbours, Vanuatu does not have its own legislative regime governing adoption, although a 2018 Bill is at the consultation stage. Formal adoption is currently governed by British and French laws. The relevant English statute is the Adoption Act 1958 and the French law is to be found in the French Civil Code. Customary law continues to have effect as part of the law of Vanuatu and customary adoption is common. However, it is a very different concept from State adoption and the relevant procedures differ from place to place. Vanuatu is not a party to The Hague Convention on inter-country adoption, but it has been held to be indirectly part of the law of Vanuatu. This chapter discusses the relevant laws and processes and the issues and concerns to which they give rise.


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