Gross Costs and Impact on Local Livelihood Capitals of Tropical Storms Along the Ky Anh Coast

  • An Thinh Nguyen
  • Luc Hens
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This chapter is complementary to the previous one. It analyzes the impacts of storms on people’s life and on the management by the local authorities more in detail. The benchmark for this chapter is the devastating storm of September 2013. Two main aspects are addressed: the perception of people and the local authorities in coastal communities of the Ky Anh district and the second part monetarizing the direct gross cost of the damage.

The local perception part of the chapter provides the results of three core aspect: (i) The perception of local households is inventoried using a questionnaire which was completed household by household during the field work in the Ky Anh district. In particular, the details of the effects of the storm weather on crops, farm animals, aquaculture, and property are addressed. (ii) The perception of the inhabitants is complemented with the elements provided by the local authorities. (iii) The perception of the stakeholders in the communes of Ky Anh is added to the two previous elements. To this end, the seven coastal communities are classified in three groups according to their main character: ruralizing, urbanizing, and industrializing.

The second part of this chapter monetarizes the impacts for the households of the September 2013 storm. Also this section addresses aspects of the issue: the quantification of the gross costs on three livelihood capitals (natural, physical, and financial) and the direct costs of the benchmark storm which are put in perspective by a comparison of the cost of other storms in the selected communities.

This section concludes with an ARIMA model trend analysis of the gross damage costs during 10 years. The analysis is based on data from the past 7 years and looks for the situation during the period 2014–2019.


Local perception Stakeholders Gross costs Livelihood capitals Tropical storm Trend analysis Ky Anh coast 

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