The Road Ahead—How a 100-Year Old Mobility Service Transforms into a World of Automated Driving

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Automobile clubs like AAA were often established in the early days of the automobile and have served its Members well over the decades with mobility related services such as roadside assistance, insurance, travel, and other related products. Now 100 years later, the question arises how such a well-established mobility service with a trusted brand can evolve into a world of automated vehicles when also car ownership might be a thing of the past. A closer look at this situation shows that especially with increasing automation of the vehicle, consumer education along with safety advocacy and related mobility options are needed as ever before. The mission is to make sure that the transition of mobility stays consumer oriented and safety focused. With the complexity of the mobility sector further increasing, partnerships will be key to fulfill this mission.


AAA Autonomous driving Automated driving Mobility as a service Transportation as a service Insurance Roadside assistance Consumer Connectivity Safety 


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