The Shimura–Waldspurger Correspondence for Mp(2n)

  • Wee Teck GanEmail author
  • Wen-Wei Li
Conference paper
Part of the Simons Symposia book series (SISY)


We describe some recent developments and formulate some conjectures in the genuine representation theory and the study of automorphic forms of the metaplectic group Mp(2n), from the point of view of the theta correspondence as well as from the point of view of the theory of endoscopy and the trace formula.


Shimura-Waldspurger correspondence Theta lifting Transfer Local character identity Local intertwining relation 



We thank the Simons Foundation for its generous travel and local support during the duration of the Simons Symposium. We are also grateful to Caihua Luo for his comments on an earlier draft.


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