Visceral Artery Involvement in Takayasu Patients: Treatment Options

  • Laurent ChicheEmail author


Takayasu arteritis (TA) is a chronic non-specific inflammatory arteritis which affects large and medium caliber arteries, predominantly the aorta and its main visceral branches. Its cause remains unknown. The disease mostly occurs in young patients during the second or third decade and has been now identified in both genders and many ethnic and racial groups worldwide. It is a lifetime affection with recurrence and progression of symptoms related to occlusive of aneurysmal complications. When vessel inflammation leads to wall thickening, fibrosis, stenosis, and thrombus formation, symptoms reflect end-organ ischemia. More acute inflammation can destroy the arterial media and lead to aneurysm formation. The coexistence of occlusive and aneurysmal lesions is highly evocative of the diagnosis of Takayasu arteritis.


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