Pre- and Co-seismic Irregularities in Ionosphere and Troposphere and Precursory Studies with Various Techniques

  • Soujan Ghosh
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings book series (ASSSP, volume 53)


Earthquake is a very complex and multiparametric process. Earthquake occurrence is related to the earth’s tectonic structure and crustal dynamics. The net energy released during an earthquake causes some irregularities at the different layers of the atmosphere. In this review work, we choose a complete different approach to discuss about the seismic mechanism and associated significant thermal, mechanical and electrical perturbation in ionospheric and tropospheric layers through the so-called Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (LAIC). The thermal, VLF, and critical frequency anomalies are analyzed as the tools respectively to probe the tropospheric, lower ionospheric and upper ionospheric perturbations. Respective data collected from different satellites and ground based receivers are analysed and the results are presented here.



The author used the VLF data obtained at the Ionospheric and Earthquake Research Centre (IERC) of ICSP, Lowell Digisonde International, Prof. Bodo W. Reinisch and United States Geological Survey (USGS) for providing the ionogram and earthquake data respectively. The author also thanks to NCEP/NCAR. NCEP Reanalysis data provided by the NOAA/OAR/ESRL PSD, Boulder, Colorado, USA, from their Web site at .


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