Do Spectral and Timing Properties Carry Information About Flow Geometry?

  • Partha Sarathi PalEmail author
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X-ray binaries are enigmatic sources for their interesting variability properties. The variabilities are believed to be due to change in Two Component Accretion Flows. The accretion flow evolution also results in the change in geometry of the accretion discs. The results of LMXBs (e.g. GRS 1915+105, IGR J17091-3624, GRO J1650-44, GX 339-4 etc.) are analysed in dynamically determined energy bands instead of fixed energy bands as used in traditional hardness ratios. This approach revealed the geometry of accretion flow variation near the compact object through a mass independent general picture.



P. S. Pal acknowledges the Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Sun Yat-sen University, China.


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