Evolution of Flow Properties Around Black Holes from Observations: Developments over the Past Decades

  • Dipak Debnath
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings book series (ASSSP, volume 53)


To find direct observational evidences of accretion flows around black holes, one needs to study them with a physical model. Although there are many phenomenological and theoretical models available in the literature, observational astronomy of black holes has changed significantly after the successful implementation of the two component advective flow solution (TCAF) into XSPEC as an additive table model to fit energy spectra. Accretion flow dynamics around black holes are now more transparent, since a spectral fit with this most generalized accretion flow solution directly provides us information about the flow parameters. Prediction of quasi-periodic oscillation frequencies, which is a timing feature, is also a reality from the TCAF model fitted shock parameters. One can also estimate black hole mass, spin, etc., which are intrinsic source parameters from spectral analysis with the TCAF solution. Estimation of X-ray contribution from jets or outflows are also possible from spectral analysis with the TCAF solution.



I want to express my heartiest gratitude to Prof. Sandip K. Chakrabarti for allowing me to work under his supervision during Ph.D. (2005–2010) and even after Ph.D. I am thankful to Prof. A.R. Rao, Dr. Anuj Nandi, my students and other colleagues for their constant support to me. I also want to thank Indian Center for Space Physics, for allowing to me work there for more than 13 years, first as a Ph.D. student and then as a faculty member. I am also thankful to NASA/GSFC scientist, Prof. Keith A. Arnaud for his kind help to write FORTRAN programs for the generation of model fits file by using theoretical (TCAF) model spectra. I should not forget to acknowledge national funding agencies CSIR (NET JRF and SRF fellowships), DST (projects: SR/FTP/PS-188/2012, EMR/2016/003918 and GITA/DST/TWN/P-76/2017), and ISRO (project: ISRO/RES/2/388/2014–15) for their constant financial support to me and my students for carrying forward our research works. Finally I would like to thank my loving parents, wife and son for their moral support to me.


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