Napify App: An Example of Mexican Social Entrepreneurship

  • Lizbeth Magdalena Puerta-SierraEmail author
  • Moisés Maislin Mendoza


Napify is a Mexican mobile application company created by a young group of entrepreneurs, reflecting a certain concern about the quality of life of the entire population, and especially in an attempt to reduce automobile accidents, low academic performance, and a negative impact on the social circle, all of these problems caused by the excessive use of the mobile phone. In their recent planning, Salvador (CEO & Cofounder) and his partners have talked about the internationalization of Napify, because they expect successful market acceptance in Europe, Asia, and the US. Nevertheless, despite the innovative and valuable proposition of Napify, Salvador and his partners are in search of a business model to achieve internationalization. This chapter presents relevant information on Napify’s trajectory in order to provide students with the elements to propose decisions, strategies, and a business model for the successful internationalization of Napify.


Internationalization Social entrepreneurship Business model Startup failure 


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