Mexico’s Healthy Food: Using Innovation to Create Commercial Ties with Suppliers

  • Guillermo A. Zamacona AboumradEmail author
  • Adriana González Flores


The southern region of the State of Mexico is characterized as having great agricultural potential; however, there are practices that do not allow the standardization of production processes, which leads to a commercial problem between farmers and intermediaries. Obsolete practices, in addition to causing conflicting relationships, lead to the supply of products with low quality standards and an undetermined quantity of product. Despite these setbacks, Mexican entrepreneurs engaged in buying and selling agricultural products continue to invest in this sector. “Mexico’s Healthy Food”, a fruit and vegetable company, presents one of its greatest challenges in the face of the possibility of acquiring new North American investors. While confronting this task, Mariana Mendoza, its commercial manager, must solve a logistics and supply problem that has been the-problem-to-solve during recent years.


New business model Processes Logistics Partners professionalization Supply chain 


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