Understanding the Nature of Violence: Crime and Its Future

  • Jonathan D. Rosen
  • Hanna Samir Kassab


This chapter explores the nature and types of violence the world suffers from today. Physical acts of violence such as war and terrorism, structural violence like poverty and economic deprivation, and violence against women and children, including sexual abuse, are examined. The chapter sees violence as an act of communication by various groups (e.g., organized crime groups), as they seek to convey some message to the world. For instance, criminal groups can use violence to scare rivals and intimidate citizens from reporting corrupt acts to the police or journalists from publishing stories about illicit activities. The chapter concludes by questioning if we will ever see the end of violence.

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  • Jonathan D. Rosen
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  • Hanna Samir Kassab
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  2. 2.East Carolina UniversityGreenvilleUSA

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