Best Practices for a Successful Supplier Diversity Program

  • Kathey K. Porter


If you were to ask a group of supplier diversity professionals what makes their program successful, you would likely get very different and possibly conflicting answers, depending on the era they entered the field, their programs’ stage of maturity, their industry, their experience, or the culture of their organization. These factors make identifying definitive elements of a successful program arduous, but they also make the search fascinating, as there is no single recipe for success. While some process and policy consistency is required, supplier diversity programs must be adapted to reflect the cultural norms of the organization; the availability and capacity of viable businesses; and the expectations of their customers, leadership, and stakeholders within the community in which the organizations operate.

According to Brian Tippens, the chief diversity officer for Hewlett-Packard and a noted subject-matter expert on global diversity and sustainability, “There is no global supplier diversity “cookie cutter-method” for implementation.

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