Impresarios and Protestors: From the Bush Administration to Cindy Sheehan

  • Lindsey Mantoan


While scholars have grown comfortable identifying terrorists and torturers as kinds of artists, there seems to be less willingness to apply this framework to the US government. But in terms of the Iraq War, there were rehearsed scripts, improvisations, casting choices, a villain, heroes, and conflict. The administration paid careful attention to costuming, blocking, and the mise-en-scène. All that was missing was a resolution—something that, in light of the rise of Daesh, we’re still waiting for. In this chapter, I first analyze the Bush administration as impresarios, producing a war of choice. The second half of the chapter looks at some of the protests against the war, particularly Cindy Sheehan’s sit-in after her son, an Army specialist, died in Iraq in 2004, and world-wide performances of Eliot Weinberger’s poem “What I Heard About Iraq.”

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