Ijarah Sukuk and Forward Lease Sukuk—Case Study

  • Ahcene LahsasnaEmail author
  • M. Kabir Hassan
  • Rubi Ahmad


This chapter focuses on case studies related to Ijarah sukuk. It discusses some cases pertaining to Ijarah sukuk and forward lease Sukuk by providing their structures and key features. This chapter covers case studies of Ijarah sukuk, including Malaysian global Sukuk, Pakistan jjatah Sukuk, and Saxony Anhal Sukuk. The case studies of forward lease Sukuk include Zamzam tower Sukuk intifa’ and Tabreed Sukuk.


Case study Malaysian global Sukuk Pakistan jjatah Sukuk Saxony anhal Sukuk Zamzam tower Sukuk intifa’ Tabreed Sukuk 


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