Surgical Technique for Vascular Anastomosis of the Uterine Graft

  • Michael OlaussonEmail author
  • Niclas Kvarnström


The vascular techniques in uterus transplantation are largely adopted from early work by the Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel in the early 1900. The organ is placed in the pelvis to make it possible to complete the vaginal anastomoses, used for future embryo transfer. The choice of the external iliac vessels simplifies the implant, just like in a kidney transplantation.

Complications include thromboses of the artery or the vein. To avoid or minimize the risk for thromboses, selection of the donor, delicate surgical technique, anticoagulant treatment, and intraoperative flow assessment are used. Furthermore, tight monitoring of the recipient using ultrasound is used for early detection of diminished blood flow.

Since infections may result in late bleedings from the anastomoses, anti-fungal prophylaxis is now routinely given to all recipients.


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