Corruption, Organized Crime, and Regional Governments in Peru

  • Lucia DammertEmail author
  • Katherine Sarmiento


Decentralization in a context of a state’s structural weakness and the growth of illegal economies provides a fertile ground for corruption and impunity. Although corruption is not a new element of Peruvian politics, its characteristics at the regional level are bleak. This chapter focuses on corruption involving the political leaders who participated in the last two regional elections (2010 and 2014). Multiple elements involved in most cases are analyzed in a systematic way, defining a political process that included charismatic leaders, dense family networks, populist political movements, frail campaign finance regulations, and apparent links to criminal organizations. Although some legal changes have been implemented, there is a clear need for a profound political reform that would include revisiting the decentralization process as well as developing a structural justice reform initiative.


Peru Organized crime Corruption Political decentralization Political systems Impunity 

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