The Clear Screen, Perception, and the Nature of Inscription

  • Raul Moncayo
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This chapter differentiates between Freud’s Pcs.Cs. and Pcpt.Cs. systems and upholds Freud’s Pcpt/Cs system as a form of awareness linked to the evenly suspended, freely floating attention of the analyst, that also represents a state of observation and broad mindfulness or psychical mindedness, as well as a form of jouissance. It also uses Lacan’s graph of desire that contains two signifying chains crossing the vector of desire to constitute desire, to answer Freud’s metapsychological questions as to whether there are one or two inscriptions in the psychical systems of the Mind. The ego is involved in the the chain of discourse, while the upper signifying chain contains the pure Signifier (S) as a representation of the subject in the place of jouissance.


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