Nonlinear Optical Properties of Glass

  • Marc DussauzeEmail author
  • Thierry Cardinal
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Numerous innovations in photonics have been realized on the basis of nonlinear optical properties, notably in information technologies. To take advantage of the nonlinear optical properties of glass, multidisciplinary research efforts were necessary, combining optics, glass chemistry, material science, as well as development of optical or electrical polarizations processes. This chapter addresses both fundamental aspects of nonlinear optical responses and also the exploitation of nonlinear optical phenomena in glassy material. It starts by a general introduction to nonlinear optical phenomena and concepts. Then, the specific cases of second and third optical responses in glasses are treated separately and described in detail as a function of the corresponding optical phenomena, the various glass families, and their applications.



The authors gratefully acknowledge P. Canioni and Dr. Royon for their help to setup this chapter. This study has been carried out with financial support from the French State, managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR) in the frame of the Investments for the futureProgramme IdEx Bordeaux—LAPHIA (ANR-10-IDEX-03-02)


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