Glass for Thermoelectric Applications

  • António Pereira GonçalvesEmail author
  • Elsa Branco Lopes
  • Gaëlle Delaizir
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Thermoelectric materials, which are characterized by their figure of merit \(zT\), are able to convert heat into electricity and inversely, they can produce a heat gradient from a potential gradient. In this chapter, chalcogenide glasses that exhibit low glass transition temperature (\(T_{\mathrm{g}}\)) as well as very low thermal conductivity are envisaged as potential thermoelectric materials for room temperature applications up to \({\mathrm{100}}\,{\mathrm{{}^{\circ}\mathrm{C}}}\). Even if they do not compete with their crystalline counterparts, such as \(\mathrm{Bi_{2}Te_{3}}\), in this range of temperature (mainly because of their high resistivity) some strategies are proved to be efficient to increase the \(zT\) value of these materials. For example, adding a metallic element (Cu), partially crystallizing the glassy matrix or considering composite materials are ways to reach this goal.


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