Laser Glasses

  • Simi A. GeorgeEmail author
  • Joseph S. Hayden
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Bulk solid-state lasers (s) are a preferred class of lasers for high peak power and high average power generation due to their technological simplicity and economical power scaling. At the heart of a bulk SSL is a crystalline or amorphous material doped with transition metal ions or rare-earth elements. The focus of this chapter is a special subset of gain materials used for bulk solid-state laser emission, namely multicomponent glasses. A broad discussion on why glass is ideally suited for many laser applications along with methods used for assessing the many optical, thermal, mechanical and laser properties is presented. A detailed survey of spectroscopic methods used for the first-order approximation of laser performance from \(\mathrm{Er^{3+}}\)- and \(\mathrm{Nd^{3+}}\)-doped glasses is given. A few critical considerations for high-quality laser glass and components manufacturing is given in the final sections.



This chapter builds on a previous publication, namely the section Laser Glasswithin the following chapter: M. Brinkmann, J. Hayden, M. Letz, S. Reichel, C. Click, W. Mannstadt, B. Schreder, S. Wolff, S. Ritter, M.J. Davis, T.E. Bauer, H. Ren, Y.-H. Fan, Y. Menke, S.-T. Wu, K. Bonrad, E. Krätzig, K. Buse, R.A. Paquin: Optical materials and their properties, In: F. Träger (ed.): Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics, 2nd edn. (Springer, Heidelberg 2012) pp. 253–399. It has been thoroughly revised and updated.


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