Amorphous Selenium and Nanostructures

  • Keiji TanakaEmail author
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This chapter reviews studies of amorphous, glassy, and nanostructured Se, focusing on their atomic structures, physical properties, light-induced phenomena, and recent photoconductive applications. Among the group VIb (16) elements, Se forms a monatomic glass having two-fold covalent and van der Waals bonds that possesses a bandgap of \(\approx{}{\mathrm{2}}\,{\mathrm{eV}}\), in contrast to \(\mathrm{SiO_{2}}\), which has three-dimensional networks consisting of fairly ionic Si-O bonds and a wide bandgap (\(\approx{}{\mathrm{10}}\,{\mathrm{eV}}\)). The dualistic bonding structure of Se causes a low glass-transition temperature (\(\approx{}{\mathrm{310}}\,{\mathrm{K}}\)), the narrow gap provides photoconductive responses covering visible wavelengths, and the heavy atomic mass of 79 can afford high x-ray sensitivity. In addition, the one-dimensional atomic structure becomes a framework of needle-like and single-chain nanostructures.



The author would like to thank Professor K. Nagata in Fukuoka University for showing several kinds of Se single crystals and supplying unpublished data. He is also grateful to A. Odajima and Y. Abe, emeritus professors of Hokkaido University, who introduced him to the physics of polymers and semiconductors.


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