Photosensitivity in Glasses

  • Yasuhiko ShimotsumaEmail author
  • Masaaki Sakakura
  • Masahiro Shimizu
  • Kiyotaka Miura
  • Kazuyuki Hirao
  • Jianrong Qiu
  • Peter G. Kazansky
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A photosensitive glass containing a small amount of a photosensitive metal such as Au, Ag, or Cu, and a sensitizer of \(\mathrm{CeO_{2}}\), is expressed a function of the redox reaction induced by the irradiation of ultraviolet () light. In particular, a photosensitive glass is an indispensable material in the photolithography technique, which is valuable in the microprocessing of glass substrates. Here we aim to discuss the photosensitivity of glass from the perspectives of photochemical, photophysical, and photothermal mechanisms. In particular, from three different points of view (photothermal, photochemical, and photophysical interactions), various intriguing phenomena induced by ultrashort pulse lasers are addressed. Furthermore, a new type of photosensitivity exhibiting nonreciprocal characteristics is also discussed.


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