Project 2: Designing an Area Sample

  • Richard Valliant
  • Jill A. Dever
  • Frauke Kreuter
Part of the Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences book series (SSBS)


This project is to design a sample of census tracts, block groups, and persons from a county in the U.S. Sample sizes are required for five age groups of persons. The sample will contain 25 tracts and 1 block group per tract. The sample design will use tracts as (primary sampling units) PSUs, block groups as secondary sampling units (SSUs), and persons as elements. Other goals of the sample design are (1) to achieve a self-weighting sample in each of the age groups and (2) to obtain an equal workload in each sample PSU. The tools needed to complete this project are covered in Chaps.  9 and  10


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