African Cricket on the Rand: Piet Gwele, Frank Roro and the Shaping of a Community

  • Richard Parry
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This chapter indicates how African elites on the Witwatersrand in the 1920s and 1930s used cricket as a channel through which to exert political and economic leadership and shape a community in the face of ever-tightening colour bars. It also documents the struggle of black South Africans to maintain a unified black identity through cricket. Ultimately, African elites played cricket because they loved the game and it reinforced their class position. Piet Gwele, Frank Roro, Sol Senoaone and others would have performed brilliantly at any level as players and administrators, but instead white South Africa, dependent on cheap labour, denied them the opportunity to achieve their potential. This chapter focuses on these ghosts at the table of South African history and recognises their achievements.

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