Chronic Leak and Fistulas

  • Luciano Antozzi
  • Priscilla Antozzi
  • Mario Norberto Antozzi


The worldwide acceptance of bariatric surgery is a result of its well-known results, but despite making our greatest efforts to achieve near-zero complications, some may appear. A new challenge starts when this happens, and the medical team must be prepared to manage them appropriately.

Complication management, due to its low frequency, has a learning curve hard to overcome, and it could be beneficial to centralize it in high-volume centers. Endoscopic therapies require experienced physicians, but they are less invasive and usually don’t interfere with surgical management, so, if the patient condition allows it, they should precede other major procedures like total gastrectomy, proximal gastrectomy with esophago-jejunal reconstruction, or fistulectomy with Roux-en-Y lateral anastomosis.

In this chapter we will describe the endoscopic option treatments.


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