Clinical Neuropsychology Practice and the Medicare Patient

  • Edward A. PeckIII
  • Lucien W. RobertsIII
Part of the Clinical Handbooks in Neuropsychology book series (CHNEURO)


Neuropsychology practices continue to see increasing constraints on utilization and reimbursement by Medicare and other payors. In this updated chapter, the authors share insights regarding the business aspects of providing clinical neuropsychological care to Medicare patients as of 2017 and in the era of the Trump government’s approach to health care. They discuss the internal revenue and cost drivers of today’s neuropsychology practice and emphasize a proactive approach—whether in the private or institutional setting—to business planning and management. This chapter will help neuropsychologists maintain both fiscal viability and a high level of professional quality in patient care and to move forward in keeping with the rapidly changing health-care market.

This chapter is divided into three sections. First, the authors delve into cost drivers and frequent inefficiencies of the practice. Next, the authors address common Medicare scenarios, sharing both examples and helpful forms. Finally, the authors share several insights on the future of neuropsychology and their recommendations for thriving amidst the changes that will come.


Medicare Business issues Managed care Office overhead costs Practice expenses Cost of practice Medicare opt-out issues 


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