Genetic Diversity of the Hepatitis B Virus and Its Epidemiological Significance

  • Vladimir Chulanov
  • Natalia Pshenichnaya
  • Hakan Leblebicioglu


Hepatitis B virus classification into serological subtypes based on the antigenic properties of HBsAg and genotypes/subgenotypes based on genetic sequence heterogeneity is described. Current criteria for assignment of HBV strains to genotype and subgenotype, recent findings and discrepancies of subgenotype identification are discussed. Characteristic global geographical distribution of HBV genotypes and subgenotypes is reviewed. Available data on relationship between vaccine protection and HBV genotypes is presented. Issues of HBV genetic variants associated with transmission routes and their relevance for epidemiology and virus evolution are addressed.


Hepatitis B virus Genotypes Subgenotypes Subtypes Molecular epidemiology Vaccination Transmission route 


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