Anterior Transpedicular Screw Plate Fixation



Anterior transpedicular screw plate fixation has demonstrated the safety of insertion in the cervical spine in anatomical and morphological studies and comparable cervical spine stabilization in the biomechanical studies and the preliminary clinical reports. It offers three-column cervical spine instabilities and allows cervical discectomy/corpectomy, grafting, and fixation in an anterior-only approach to avoid the need for supplemental posterior instrumentation in some kinds of patients. Anterior transpedicular screws can be inserted along the pedicle axis with the fluoroscope-assisted view imaging or using O-Arm and stealth navigation. It can potentially be applied in cervical facet dislocations, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, and tumor. However, anterior transpedicular screw plate fixation poses a potential risk for injury to vertebral arteries, the spinal cord, or nerve roots during the placement of screws. Therefore, familiarity with cervical anatomy and adequate experience with special imaging technique for visualizing the pedicle during surgery are crucial for this procedure.

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