Cardiovascular Damage Induced by Radiotherapy

  • Antonio Galvano
  • Giuseppina NovoEmail author
  • Mario Roselli
  • Antonio Giordano
  • Antonio Russo
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Radiotherapy is a fundamental therapeutic aid that in recent years has contributed significantly to improve the prognosis of cancer patients. Despite its great effectiveness, it can cause a wide spectrum of toxic effects. Among these, cardiovascular toxicity is very relevant, and it can occur even many years after the termination of treatment. The concomitant use of radiotherapy with other antineoplastic drugs, including new-generation tyrosine-kinase inhibitors or immunotherapy, can enhance its cardiotoxic effects. It is fundamental to know the cardiovascular toxic effects that are potentially linked to radiotherapy (RIHD: radiation-induced heart damage), to monitor patients who underwent radiotherapy in order to prevent their occurrence and to early detect and treat patients eventually experiencing this complications. In this chapter, we will review the main clinical conditions which can affect the cardiovascular system after radiotherapy, trying to provide some suggestions about the management of the cardiologic patient at risk or burdened by RIHD.


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