Multiprobe In-Situ Hybridization to Whole Mount Arabidopsis Seedlings

  • Leonardo BrunoEmail author
  • Fabrizio Araniti
  • Olimpia Gagliardi


In the multicellular organisms to know the temporal and spatial expression of genes gives specific information about the putative sites of activity of the corresponding proteins and also their function related to processes of growth and development as well as in response to biotic and abiotic stress conditions. In-situ RNA-RNA hybridization (ISH) is a powerful technique that enables the localization of gene transcripts at the cellular level by using labeled probes complementary to nucleic acid of interest, followed by probe specific detection. Original methods for ISH have been developed in the 1980s. Since that time, the methodologies associated with it have undergone a continuous evolution, which is also reviewed in the present chapter.


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  • Fabrizio Araniti
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  • Olimpia Gagliardi
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