Space as the Next Theater of War

  • Linda Dawson
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Most of us envision a war in outer space in the same way that it is portrayed in science fiction books and popular franchises like Star Wars. The typical image includes a lot of space-adapted fighters and larger transport vehicles loaded with a variety of shooting weapons, particle beam weapons, and space torpedoes. Military interaction with a large celestial object such as a planet generally ends with more fancy weapons destroying a civilization or obliterating the entire object. If ever possible, we are no doubt hundreds of years away from reaching this vision of space warfare.


Inspection satellites Outer Space Treaty Anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty Space War Center Microsatellite Technology Experiment (MiTEx) satellites Geosynchronous orbit Navstar Jammers Co-orbital anti-satellite systems Interceptor missiles 

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