The Importance of Organic Nitrogen Transport Processes for Plant Productivity and Nitrogen Use Efficiency

  • Mechthild Tegeder
  • Molly Perchlik


Amino acids and ureides are the main nitrogen transport forms in plants. This review discusses key transporters that control root nitrogen uptake, as well as root-to-shoot and leaf-to-seed partitioning of organic nitrogen. It further examines the importance of amino acid and ureide transporters for plant growth, seed production, and plant nitrogen use efficiency.


Amino acid and ureide transporters Crop improvement Nitrogen uptake and partitioning Nitrogen use efficiency Source metabolism Sink development Seed yield 



Amino Acid Permease


Ammonium Transporter


Cationic Amino acid Transporter


Degradation of urea (urea transporter)


Lysine-Histidine-type Transporter


Nitrate Transporter


Peptide Transporter


NRT1/PTR Family


Proline Transporter


Usually Multiple Acids Move In and out Transporter


Ureide Permease



M.T. acknowledges support from the US National Science Foundation (IOS-1457183) and the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) competitive award number 2017-67013-26158 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


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