Microbial Fuel Cells: Fundamentals, Types, Significance and Limitations

  • L. Benedict Bruno
  • Deepika Jothinathan
  • M. Rajkumar


The critical demand of alternate energy sources, pollution issues related to the conservative energy sources made the researchers to find a novel technology without any environmental effects. The ability of electricity generation by the bacteria and the environmental crisis reinvigorate the researchers to pay much attention on microbial fuel cell (MFC). MFC is a promising technology for electricity generation without any emission of carbon. The fundamental is conversion of chemical energy into electric energy from organic and inorganic compounds by microbes. Various types of MFCs are constructed with different microbes for electricity production, waste water treatment and several other processes. However, the feasibility of this technology is limited by several limitations. The technological advancement will prevail over some limitation such as enhanced electricity production and cost reduction. The recent advancements in MFC provided a pavement to biohydrogen production, wastewater treatment, toxicity removal and various applications. However, the successful large scale construction is still a bottleneck. This chapter explores the fundamentals of this technology and a clear idea of factors and parameter used in this process and its role. Also, the recent advancements, different types or classifications, limitations and application of this technique are described in this chapter.


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Dr. L. Benedict Bruno thankfully acknowledges the Science and Engineering Research Board, National Postdoctoral fellowship Scheme (Grant No. PDF/2017/001074), for financial support.


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