Same-Day Versus Overnight Inpatient Surgery for Total Thyroidectomy

  • Abbas Al-Kurd
  • Haggi Mazeh
Part of the Difficult Decisions in Surgery: An Evidence-Based Approach book series (DDSURGERY)


Outpatient surgery has gained popularity in recent years, and many procedures that once required prolonged hospitalization are now being performed in a same-day, ambulatory fashion. In spite of patient comfort and cost benefits associated with same-day surgery, the performance of thyroidectomies with same-day discharge has been met with some reservations, namely due to the possible complications that are uniquely inherent to this procedure. These include postoperative hematomas, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury, and hypocalcemia. Those who oppose same-day thyroid surgery claim that the possibility of these complications precludes the safety of this procedure. In this chapter, the authors review the available literature concerning same-day total thyroidectomy. Literature comparing this approach to traditional overnight inpatient surgery is also evaluated and Authors’ recommendations regarding same-day thyroidectomy are outlined.


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