Concept Transfer Case Study (2.5D Integration PathFinding)

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We are back from Peru. We went there to meet Mariano’s family. It was a bit of a hurried experience – since we could stay just 1 week – because both Mariano and I had used up our vacation time for all those side trips in Europe. And, it turns out Mariano was almost broke and that, being mostly on commission, he needed to work. He said he used up his savings on all the trips to Europe but that he had no regrets whatsoever and felt that he made an excellent investment – since he now has me. Ha! So, I paid for the trip and lent him some money to help with his rent and stuff. I could see that he felt bad about that. We still need to talk through how we plan to handle our finances – especially after we move in together. But I thought that helping out is only fair – since he spent all his money on me and our relationship. The visit with his family was great. A bit of a whirlwind – so much family, so little time. And they all talked Spanish so fast – and so much – that I missed a lot of what was going on. The language we spoke at home, when I was little, was English, and the bit of LA-Spanglish that I picked up was not adequate to keep up with all the conversations – most of which, it seems to me, ran over each other. But they were all really nice. Lots of hugging and kissing and touching. Too bad that his dad was not well – the poor man has Alzheimer’s. Very sad. But mom, sister, uncles and crazy aunts, cousins, and what have you were all awesome. And it seems like everyone there knows Mariano. We walk down a street, and inevitably we would bump into someone he went to school with, or played with, or was someone’s cousin, or a friend of a cousin’s neighbor, or something. Altogether, it was excellent – although I feel like I gained 50 lb. with all the delicious food there. We will definitely have to go again – many times. I loved it. Anyways – now we are back – it feels like a month, but it was actually only a week.

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