The Challenge (How to Do the Integration Technology Development)

  • Riko Radojcic


“So – now that we have a defined mission and have been given the resources – what do you all think are our main challenges?” asks Dr Cz.

We are in his group meeting. The new organization has been defined, and there are two teams in ATI – one focused on IPDs under Atul and one under Dr Cz. His group is now 20-odd people, including some of the VisionX engineers, his old team, and a few new additions. We are the so-called Advanced Technology SiP Integration team – SiP being “System-in-Package” – and are supposed to be focusing on the 2.5D and 3D integration technologies. Dr Cz is excited – pacing around the room, gesticulating and waving his arms, making silly faces, and is generally all keyed up. Almost manic. But I like it – he is funny.

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