Managing Compensation (in a Matrix Organization)

  • Riko Radojcic


“So, did you get your performance review,” asks Panchali, one day, during our usual afternoon coffee. It’s a few months later, and life has been pretty much a routine. I have managed to finally move into my place, and everything is out of the boxes and more or less in the right place. I am pretty happy in my new home. But other than that, a few uneventful dates and visits with mom and dad, work has been pretty much my life. And work has been good. Poopó chip just came back from the foundry, and I am now busily testing my structures in the lab – when I can get the time on the prober. As usual, the demands on the lab equipment exceed the capacity, and product-related tasks take priority. Lately, I have been working the graveyard shift to get some time on the prober. I don’t mind it, though. I am excited to get the results.

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